Bathroom cabinet

Modular, elegant, simple. Indispensable anyhow. This is the space-saving bathroom furniture by Componendo. A range of products with simple yet attractive shapes for contemporary bathrooms.

Nowadays the bathroom is no longer seen as a simple service space, but rather as a place to treat with extreme attention, from both a technical and aesthetic point of view. Choosing bathroom furniture meticulously is key to guarantee balance and order in this domestic oasis of relax.

Useful to discreetly store all products and accessories, the bathroom furniture by Componendo features a modern and minimal design that uses shelving verticality and the modularity of cubic niches to maintain order and simplicity in the bathroom, a place where space never seems to be enough.
The clear and simple silhouette of the space-saving bathroom cabinet Cube allows to easily furnish the bathroom with a single storage unit.

Cube is finished with fine natural materials and neutral colours. Perfect as single storage unit, it can also be used in combination with other modules to create a composition. With a series of shelves and compartments, Tetrix is the perfect bathroom closet to store all useful accessories and leave some products in view.  A practical and functional solution accented with fresh tones and modern materials, for a bathroom that pays attention to design and the latest trends.


Bathroom cabinet


Bathroom cabinet


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