Home is where the best moments happen. By furnishing it according to your personal taste, you really make it your own. With our tailor-made furniture, we realize solutions that allow you to best use and enhance your spaces.

All models by Componendo can be customized in size and finish according to your needs.

Moreover, thanks to our experience in design and stainless steel processing, we can help you turn your dreams and ideas into beautiful solutions and practical projects for your home or your company.
Your kitchen, your living room, your bathroom, but also your hotel or your company,  can finally turn into a place that fully matches your needs.

Services for private clients

There are no ideas or projects that we can’t turn into reality. Our team of steel craftsmen is available to find the best solution for your needs.

Design support for architects

We support design professionals in the realization of furnishing projects also for hotels and the contract sector, by creating tailor-made, stainless-steel furniture based on the most exclusive and original ideas.

Stainless steel furniture

The stainless steel furniture by Componendo has a unique design and is completely handmade and customizable. The steel kitchens by Componendo offer technical performances that are similar to those of a professional kitchen, thanks to the properties of our stainless steel. This extremely ductile material, which is an excellent heat conductor and well resistant to wear, allows easy maintenance, thus ensuring high levels of hygiene and cleanliness standards also at home.


The excellent quality of the stainless steel and the fine woods used for the furniture created by Componendo is the result of a great attention to details and finishes. These are the elements that make our products exclusive pieces of furniture. Each model has a unique personality, able to meet any interior design requirement. From classic to more contemporary spaces, our stainless-steel furniture is a versatile design solution that can easily adapt to different interior decor contexts.


The steel furniture designed by Componendo is unique, entirely handmade and completely customizable. Each detail is designed to enhance the style and space of your room. The perfect furnishing solution starts with the satisfaction of specific interior decor requirements and is able to meet any aesthetic and design need.

Stainless steel

Steel furniture


Steel furniture


Steel furniture


Steel furniture


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