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Red Levanto Marble


Origin: Turkey
Color: Dark red with white and green veins.
Classification: Marble
Hardness: Low

It doesn’t fear heat, however it’s suggested to use a heat resistant mat; it can also be scratched or ruined, and for this it’s suggested to use a cutting board.
To keep this material in good condition, clean with water and neutral and weak alkaline cleaners specifically developed for marble. The surface must be treated at regular intervals (at least once a year but this depends on the way the customer uses and maintains the top) with the specific products recommended, but bear in mind that the use of protective products does not make the top immune from acids and oils, it just delays their effects.

Description of the material:
Since it is a natural stone, its colors and vein patterns may be different in each piece (in particular, black and green patches, slender grains and large inclusions even within the same slab. Due to their structure, some veins may have a duller finish; in view of its fragility, brittle areas, tiny cracks and veins repaired with filler or resin are very frequent in this material. Always remove all spills (even water) from the top at once to prevent lime-scale stains from forming.

Vulnerable to products such as:
– cleaning products not specifically intended for marble, and especially limescale removers,
– acidic and oily substances (coca cola, lemon juice, citrus, fruit juices, wine, vinegar, oil, coffee, etc.), which might stain or dull the material.