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Stainless steel for interiors

After more than 20 years spent in the kitchen industry, developing the sales of German made kitchen products in Italy, Domenico Battistoni realized there was a market for high-end kitchen and bathroom furniture made with stainless steel.

In 1999 Domenico Battistoni started COMPONENDO. The COMPONENDO workshops have the privilege of being located in a region of Italy where the knowledge of materials, the use of advanced technologies and a highly qualified work force are joined together.
This opportunity allowed COMPONENDO to enjoy a rapid growth, quickly becoming the preferred partner of some of the most important Italian furniture companies engaged in the kitchen industry.

All the products are the result of a superb quality of fabrication and a unique design.
COMPONENDO offers the solution of tailor made products to the clients looking to complete their custom kitchen and bathroom projects.


Advanced Technology

We are always seeking for the best technology in terms of design and materials such as steel processing. According to our philosophy this is the one way to create unique and long lasting pieces of furnitures.

Handmade Care

The quality, in our philosophy, is primarily expressed in the most difficult details of the work and only the care of an experienced and passionate artisan can follow step by step the birth of a precious object.

Beginning to end

We take care of CAD projects, of the metal sheet cutting by a laser systems, of press bending of up to MTL 4, of the complete cycle of welding and finishing, but also of carpentry and packaging.


Elegance and quality

Elegance is the way you think the beauty is; quality means confidence and beauty. In our products even the smallest and hidden details are elegant and high quality.